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The Discovery of the Little World, with the government thereof. By Iohn Davies

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[An Articke Ile there is (most famous) found]

[An Articke Ile there is (most famous) found]

An Articke Ile there is (most famous) found
In the great Lavor of this lesser Round,
Which Neptunes hand (as most esteemd) infolds
And in his vnsweet-sweating bozome holdes,
On whom at once, Heavens providence begate
Thirteene Kinges, which did her participate;
Shee fedd them sweetlie, made them fatte to grow;
For, from her Brest did Milke and Hony flow:
Who being pampred, so, ambitious made,
Gainst Nature gan each other to invade:
Shee greatly griv'd, they quited so her loue;
And ay to make them one, shee oft did proue:
But (froward) at the least, they would be Twoo,
So lived long (in strife) with much adoo:
Yet like a tender Mother (vext to see
That hir deere children could no better gree)
Shee laboured night and day with Tyme, to doe
That which shee tride, but could not bring them to:

Who (both togither ioyn'd) did them attone,
So, Tyme and shee, (at last) haue made them One.
Then if in One, Thirteene vnited be,
How great, how glorious, and how good is hee?
Iohn Davies.