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The Discovery of the Little World, with the government thereof. By Iohn Davies

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Againe: to Envie and Detraction

Againe: to Envie and Detraction

Deere Envie and Detractiō, deere to those
That vnto Vertue are immortall foes,
Let me, although I hate you, yet entreate
That I, if good ynough, may be your meate;
You cannot grace me more, then gnaw me still;
For what you spare is too farre spent in ill.
Teare me in peeces with your grizlie fangs,
You Crowne my Soule with glory by such Pangs.
Hee is a Divell that to die detests
In Hel-hounds mouthes, to live in Angells Brests.
Iohn Davies.