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The Discovery of the Little World, with the government thereof. By Iohn Davies

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To the Reader.

To the Reader.

Beyond the reach of vulgar intellect,
Inbred by Nature, but refin'd by Art,
Doth wisdomes Heyre this monument erect,
Grace't with what ere the Graces can impart.
Here, Wits not soild with looser blandishment.
The Subiect pure, abstruse, and worthy paine,
Annatomizing civill government,
And, of the Soule what Reason can attaine.
The many sweetes herein contained be,
Epitomiz'd, would aske too large Narration
To be compris'd within this narrow station.
Reade then the VVorke: when, if thou canst not see
Th'infolded flame; be rapt with admiration,
But censure not: for, Owles haue bleared eies,
Dazled with every Starre that doth arise.