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The Discovery of the Little World, with the government thereof. By Iohn Davies

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To the same.

To the same.

VVithin my Soule I sensiblie doe feele
A motiō, which my Minds attētion markes;
That is, to strike Loues Flint against Truthes Steele
More hard, to kindle thy loue by the Sparkes:
But if the fire come not so freely foorth
As may in flame the Tinder of thy loue,
The tender of my Zeale shalbe hencefoorth
Offred in flames, that to thy grace shal move:
Which is their Spheare where they desire to rest,
And resting there they wil in glorie shine;
I am thine owne by double interrest
Sith once I vow'd my selfe to thee and thine,
O then had I but single loue of you,
I should bee double bound to VV.
Your Honors peculier Iohn Dauies.