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The Discovery of the Little World, with the government thereof. By Iohn Davies

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To the most gracious Prince the Duke of Lennox, &c.

To the most gracious Prince the Duke of Lennox, &c.

For no respect (great Lord) but for the loue
I owe to grace and greatnesse ioin'd in one,
Doth my weake Pen her strongest vertue proue
To graue thy name vpon this paper-stone;
That if it chance the turnes of Time to brooke,
(Which grinde to pouder all produc'd in Time)
Thy Name at least (which is my most) may looke
Like to it selfe, in my hard-fauour'd Rime.
If voice of those that loue the voice diuine
Bee true (the truth whereof none ought to doubt)
Thou like the Moone, among heav'ns lāps dost shine,
While Sol thy Sov'raigne goes the Globe about.
Long maist thou (as he doth) giue light to all
That pleas'd, or pain'd, doe foote this earthy Ball.
I. D.