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The Discovery of the Little World, with the government thereof. By Iohn Davies

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To the Right Honorable the Lord Home, &c.

To the Right Honorable the Lord Home, &c.

The place, mē say, thou holdst, (great Lord) in court

Leicester, Essex, Worcest.

Was held before by three Superlatiues;

Most wise, most lov'd, most lowly in high port;
The place, I weene, hath such prerogatiues.
Then, were thy vertue not in that degree,
The vertue of the place would it reiect;
But its a powrefull argument to mee,
That thou art vertuous (Lord) in each respect.
The rather, sith thy Liege that plac'd thee there,
Doth heaue vp none so high, but for high worth;
Whose Iudgements eie is admirable cleere,
Which warrants me to put thy praises forth:
My coulors ready are, I lacke but light
(Which I will haue) to paint them out aright.
I. D.