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The Discovery of the Little World, with the government thereof. By Iohn Davies

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To the VVorld.

To the VVorld.

Perhaps in Iudgements eie it may appeare
I lou'd Him living whom I honor dead;
Whose loue, I think, to all was no lesse deare,
Sith hee was such as all men honored.
All? that is, some, or rather most of All;
If some did not, the harme I wish to them
Is, that they may deserue loue generall,
Or els made free of new Ierusalem.
No creature bearing God-almighties forme,
But I desire to loue, and wish him vvell;
If good desires, farre worse Affects deforme,
It comes from that for which the first Māfel:
But howsoere, I am resolv'd herein,
To wish al grace, in spight of flesh & sinne.
I. D.