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The Discovery of the Little World, with the government thereof. By Iohn Davies

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To the sacred Queene of Englands most excellent Maiestie.

To the sacred Queene of Englands most excellent Maiestie.

If those VVombs blessed be, from whom proceedes
A world of blessings to the VVorld accurst;
Or if that gracious be, that Graces breedes,
To make Men gracious, being at the worst;
O then how blest and gracious is thy VVombe,
Deere Daughter, Sister, VVife vnto a King!
Wherein Heaven wrought (as in a sacred roome)
Strong Props of peace, which blest Time forth did bring.
Vnto a Mother-maide we all are bound,
For bringing forth our Soules preservatiue;
Who, for the same, is Queene in Heaven Crownd:
And, sith thou bring'st our Corpes conservatiue,
We must crown thee in Earth, or els, we should
Doe otherwise then Saints & Angels would.
Your Highnesse most humbly devoted Vassall. Iohn Davies.


The vvhole Ile of greate Brittaine vvas of yore divided into 13. Kingdoms, as by Monuments of antiquity, and Historie (the vvitnesses of time) appeareth. viz.

England into 8. namelie, Kent, South-Saxons, East-Saxons, VVest-Saxons, Bernnicia, (aliàs Northumberland) Deira, (or Southumberland) Est-Angles, Mercia.

Scotland into 2. viz. Scottes, & Picts; The Scottes on the VVest side, the Picts on the East, called Pictlād, as the other, Scotland.

VVales into 3. viz. North-wales, Southwales, and Povvys-land. Vppon vvhich Plaine-songe thus I descant.