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The Discovery of the Little World, with the government thereof. By Iohn Davies

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To all the right noble Nobilitie of England.

To all the right noble Nobilitie of England.

If I were not disabled, through Defect,
(For my Inventions Poise, which witt vp-wound,
Lies now, for want of strēgth, stock-still on ground)
No vertuous Peere I would, by name, neglect.
The VVheeles which did my Fancy (working) turne
Are at a stand; O then impute it not
To want of VVill, as if I had forgott
In wilfull wise, to name you in your turne.
But whē my VVitts haue strength recovered
To winde the Poise vp to Inventions height,
Ile doo my best to give each one his right,
Though by your selves you are most honored.
Meane while with Favors Eye looke on my VVill
Which may excuse my present want of skill.
I. D.