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The Discovery of the Little World, with the government thereof. By Iohn Davies

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To the Right Noble Lady, the Lady Rich.

To the Right Noble Lady, the Lady Rich.

To descant on thy name as many doe
(Sith it is fit t'expresse thine excellence)
I should (deere Lady) but allude vnto
That, vvhich with it compar'd, is indigence.
Yet to bee rich was to bee Fortunate,
As all esteem'd, and yet though so thou art,
Thou wast much more then most vnfortunate,
Though richly-well thou plaid'st That haplesse part
Thou didst expresse what Art could never sho,
The Soules true griefe for losse of her Loues soule;
Thine Action speaking-passion made, but ô!
It made thee subiect to a Iailes controule.
But, such a Iaile-bird heauenly Nightingale,
For such a cause, sings best in greatest bale.
I. D.