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Summer Songs

The other composition was
written by former Glee Club
director David H. previous hit Davis ,
entitled Summer Songs. The
title of the album, A Shadow's
on the Sundial,
is taken from
the name of the concluding
Summer Song in the group.

The album represents a lot
of work on the part of the
Club members. It seems the
incentive involved has
produced what many consider
to be one of the best albums
ever put out by the group. The
album can be purchased for
$5.25 at the corner stores,
Newcomb Hall Bookstore,
Stacy's Music Ship, and HiFi
House or through any member
of the Glee Club.


Glee Club: Grueling Practice Sessions

In their final attempt at
fund-raising for the trip, a
benefit concert will be held on
March 24, in Old Cabell Hall.
This will be the Glee Club's last
performance prior to their
departure for Europe.

The repertoire will include
many of the numbers they will
be performing in Europe most
of which haven't been
performed here before. Tickets
will be $5.00 for reserved seats,
$3.00 regular, and $1.50 for
students. All additional
contributions will be