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Tar Babies Blitz Yearlings,
Washington Sparks Drive



Bob McKeag Goes Up For Shot In Saturday's Loss To UNC

Second-Year Forward Scored Twelve In Substitute Role

Anyone who saw Saturday
night's basketball action might
conclude that the sun may
never stop shining on North
Carolina, as the Tar Babies
smoked the Cavayearlings,
100-75 at Carmichael

After a hotly-contested first
half, the games outcome was
by no means decided as North
Carolina led by only 38-36. In
fact, with 13:08 still left in the
second period, UNC was on
top by only three, 56-53, and
it was anybody's ballgame. But
then the rood fell in. North
Carolina ran off the next 17
points and 35 of the next 41
and, as the dust settled, the
'Yearlings were sorely in
arrears, 91-59.

The main man for the Tar
Babies was Donald Washington,
a 6-8 center from Washington's
St. Anthony's High, who
immediately brings Robert
McAdoo to mind. Similar to
McAdoo in many of the finer
elements of the game,
Washington converted 14 of 21
shots from the field and eight
of eight from the line in
personally destroying the
Cavayearlings with 36 points.

Trying not to single out just
one man, one must recognize
forward Ed Stahl, no midget at
6-10, who pumped in ten field
goals and three charity efforts
for 23 points. Player of the
year, in Ohio last year, Stahl
and high-school teammate Brad
Hoffman combined to remove
some of the offensive burden
from Washington. Hoffman,
ordinarily a playmaker,
contributed 13 big ones to the
Tar Baby cause.

Lest we talk as if only one
team was out on the court,
Virginia did put up a good
fight in the first half and, if
you're counting, the 'Yearlings
outscored their rivals 16-9 at
the end of the game. "Gus"
Gerard connecting on 54 per
cent from the field for the
season, suffered through his
worst shooting night of the
year. Gerard paced the
'Yearlings with 19 points, but
was only 7-22.

If the game had ended at
halftime, the first-year contest
might have been as close as
possible. Ten lead changes and
14 ties serve to prove the
see-saw nature of the action.
The 'Yearlings shot a
not-too-impressive 41.2 per
cent from the outside but it
was enough to put UNC's 36.8
to shame. The Tar Babies hit
60 per cent for the second half,
suffocating the visitor's 48.4

In addition to Gerard, Ned
Tiley pumped in 16 points and
Dan Bonner 11 for the
Cavayearlings. Enough said
about Tiley's off-beat court
antics, the guy is here to play
ball and his 16-point night is
just one in a series of superior
efforts for the non-scholarship