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Abortion Counseling Opens

Clergy Consultation Service
on Abortion, a program that
assists women and their
families with problems of
unwanted pregnancies, has
established a chapter in

Thirty-five clergymen in
Virginia make up the
state-wide service. Reverend
James L. VandeBerg,
coordinator of the group, said
their services would include
information and medical
referral about contraception,
legal abortion, and counseling
regarding alternatives such as
placing the child up for

Reverend Howard Gordon,
minister at Westminster
Presbyterian Church, is the
head of the Charlottesville
abortion counselling program.

Mr. VandeBerg, a member
of the Campus Ministry staff at
VPI, said that the purpose of
the service was not to
encourage abortion as an
alternative to an unwanted
pregnancy, but to enable
women with problem
pregnancies to examine all of
the available alternatives with
their probable implications.

The counselling and referral
service is on a no-fee basis. Mr.
VandeBerg said that too many
women are being exploited
financially by profit-making
referral services.

Study Abroad

All students interested in
the University Union's program
for Study Abroad are invited
to a meeting in the South
Meeting Room of Newcomb
Hall today at 6:30 p.m. The
purpose of the meeting will be
to explain the program and
answer questions. The program
includes study at the
Universities of Paris, Nantes,
Freiburg, and Vienna.

University Concert

Several little-known
Beethoven marches and two
movements from "The
Planets" by Gustav Holst will
highlight a performance by the
University concert band
Friday, at 8:30 p.m. in Cabell
Hall auditorium.