University of Virginia Library

Crews Stop Trucking

Dear Sir:

I find the condition of the
ground of the University to be
in a deplorable condition. The
increasing influx of bicycles
and disrespectful students has
helped to degrade the
university environment.
Granted an unusually large
amount of rain this year has
made it even more difficult to
maintain the ground of our
university, but there is
absolutely no excuse for much
of its destruction.

The Building and Grounds
crew, the very group
responsible for the care and
maintenance of the University
grounds, are responsible for
much of its destruction. I can't
believe that it is impossible to
operate a snowplow along a
sidewalk without plowing up
the earth and grass beside it.

If you have been at all
observant in the past week you
will know what I'm speaking
of. And to think that a
member of a ground crew
would repeatedly drive his
truck across a plot of grass, as
soft and wet as the ground is
between Peabody Hall and
Monroe Hall, simply amazes
me. The muddy tire tracks will
be seen as brown scars in spring
when all else is turning green.

Take notice Dept. of
Building and Grounds. If, as a
student of this university, I am
required to uphold and respect
its traditions and policies, you
as employees of the university,
should also feel the same
respect for the grounds.

Rouden Powell III
Architecture I