University of Virginia Library

Activist Comedian Gregory
To Descend On Cabell Hall


Gregory: The Man Most Hated By The KKK

Dick Gregory, comedian,
activist and author, and the
man named as most hated by
the Ku Klux Klan, will deliver
a lecture, "Social Problems:
Social or Anti-Social,"
Wednesday at 8 p.m. in Cabell

Although primarily thought
of by some as a comedian and
by others as a political activist,
Gregory combines both of
these skills on his speaking
tours, with increasing emphasis
placed on the political. But
Gregory-the-activist has never
been superseded by

He has spent more time in
Southern jails, marched in
more demonstrations,
prevented more racial violence
and worked harder for the
rights of blacks than any other
entertainer in America. At
present, he is fasting until
either the Vietnam War-ends,
or he dies.

Nourished only by fruit, fruit
juices and plenty of vitamins,
Gregory now weighs 90
pounds, but according to his
manager, "a wiry 90 pounds."

But Gregory's activism is
more than symbolic. He ran for
President in 1968 on the
Independent ticket has
worked extensively in
Milwaukee for open housing
and continues to travel widely.

Tickets for the lecture are
$1.00, are available at the usual
places, and will be limited by
the space of the Cabell Hall