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The culmination of all this
work comes on March 30,
when the Glee Club will depart
from Washington, D.C. for
their 16-day jaunt. First stop
will be Rome, where they will
give their first concert on April
1. The group will then go on to
Florence for another
performance on April 3.

Four other performances
will be given in Padua, Italy,
Innsbruck, Austria, Munich,
Germany and St. Moritz,
Switzerland. Stops will be
made in Venice, Salzburg, and
Milan between engagements.

It's a well-known fact that
European audiences tend to be
much more musically
sophisticated than Americans.
Taking this into account, the
Glee Club has gathered a large
repertoire of madrigals, sacred
pieces, and drinking songs
(traditional of course).