University of Virginia Library

Record Profit

Profits from A Shadow's on
the Sundial,
the Glee Club's
recent recording, will also go
toward the tour. The record
contains several traditional
settings of English, French, and
Italian madrigals, some of
which will be sung in Europe.
Two more serious works
included are Francis Poulene's
Lauds of St. Anthony of
which the Club plans to
sing in Padua, and Dietrich
Buxtehude's Cantate Domino,
"Sing To God The Lord"

"From Rugby Road to
Vinegar Hill" (two verses only)
and "Glory, Glory To
Virginia" combine in a pleasant
medley, offering a sharp
contrast to the above pieces.
Also included among
Virginians are new
arrangements by recent Glee
Club directors of "The Good
Old Song,", "Virginia Yell
Song," and "Ten Thousand

A recent addition to the
collection is "Vir-ir-gin-i-a," by
Professor Emeritus of English,
Arthur Kyle  Davis next hit, Jr. Setting
verses to a chorus by G.F.
Handel, Professor previous hit Davis next hit
dedicated his new song on
April, 1968, to the Jefferson
Society. He sang the first
performance of it on that

Portions of two other
compositions that the Glee
Club has come to regard as
their own have been included.
One is Randall Thompson's
Testament of Freedom which
was dedicated to the Glee Club
in 1943, having been composed
for the Two Hundredth
Birthday of Mr. Jefferson.