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There is now 15 niggers, men, wimin and childern, or ruther, mail,
femail and yung, in Wingert's Corners, and yisterday another arrove.
I am bekomin alarmed, fer ef they inkreese at this rate, in suthin
over sixty yeres they'll hev a majority in the town, and may, ef they
git mene enuff, tyrannize over us, even ez we air tyrannizin over
them. The danger is imminent! Alreddy our poor white inhabitans
is out uv employment to make room fer that nigger—even now our
shops and factories is full uv that nigger, to the grate detriment uv a
white inhabitant who hez a family 2 support, and our Poor Hows and
Jail is full uv him.

I imploar the peeple to wake up. Let us hold a mass meetin to
take this subgik in2 considerashen, and that biznis may be expeditid,
I perpose the adopshen uv a serez uv Preamble and Rezolooshens,
suthin like the follerin, to-wit:

Wareas, We vew with alarm the ackshun uv the Presydent uv the
U. S., in recommendin the immejit emansipashun uv the slaves uv
our misgidid Suthern brethrin, and his evident intenshun uv kolonizin
on em in the North, and the heft on em in Wingert's Corners, and

Wareas, In the event uv this imigrashun, our fellow townsman,
Abslum Kitt, and uthers, hooz familis depend upon thare laber fer
support, wood be throde out uv employment, and

Wareas, Wen yoo giv a man a hoss, yoo air obleegd to also make
him a present uv a silver platid harnis and a $350 buggy, so ef we
let the nigger live here we air in dooty bound to let him vote, and to
marry him off-hand, and

Wareas, Wen this stait uv affares arrivs our kentry will be no fit
plais fer men uv edjucashen and refinement, and

Wareas, Eny man hevin the intellek uv a brass-mountid jackass,
kin eesily see that the 2 races want never intendid to liv together, and

Wareas, Bein in the magority we kin do ez we please, and ez the
nigger aint no vote he kant help hisself, therefore be it


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Resolvd, That the crude, un-deodorizd Afrikin is a disgustin obgik.

Resolved, That this Convenshun, wen it hez its feet washed,
smells sweeter ner the Afrikin in his normal condishun, and is ther4
his sooperier.

Resolved, That the niggers be druv out uv Wingert's Corners,
and that sich property ez they may hev akkumulatid be konfistikatid,
and the proseeds applide to the follerin purposis, to wit:

Payment uv the bills uv the last Dimekratik Centrel Kommittee.

Payment uv the disintrestid patriots ez got up this meetin.

The balens to remane in my hands.

Resolved, That the Ablishnists who oppose these Resolushens all
want to marry a nigger.

Resolved, That Dr. Petts, in rentin a part uv his bildin to niggers
hez struck a blow at the very foundashens uv sosiety.

Fello whites, arowz! The inemy is onto us! Our harths is in
danger! Wen we hev a nigger fer Judge—niggers fer Teechers—
niggers in pulpits—wen niggers rool and controle sosiety, then will
yoo remember this warnin!

Arowse to-wunst! Rally agin Conway! Rally agin Sweet! Rally
agin Hegler! Rally agin Hegler's family! Rally agin the porter
at the Reed House! Rally agin the cook at the Crook House! Bally
agin the nigger widder in Vance's addishun! Rally agin Missis
Umstid! Rally agin Missis Umstid's children by her first husband!
Rally agin Missis Umstid's childern by her sekkund husband! Rally
agin all the rest uv Missis Umstid's childern! Rally agin the
nigger that kum yisterday! Rally agin the saddle-kulurd girl that
yoost 2 be hear! Ameriky fer white men!

Petroleum V. Nasby