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At a meetin uv the manejers uv the ginoowine Dimocrasy, consistin
uv the immortle J. N. Free, the illustrious Vandaldigum, and
myself, it was resolved to ishoo a address to the soljers uv the Cumberland.
Vandaldigum hevin failed in the habus corpus biznis, is
employin his spare time in amusin of hisself in Fort Warin, wich is
near Boston, while J. N. is viggerusly marterin uv hisself fer the
saik uv trooth, wich is ideotik. The dooty there4 devolves upon me.

Soljers of the Cumberland: Ez individooels hevin votes, I esteem
you—ez invaders uv Dimokratic States, ez men engaged, in the slawtrin
Dimokrats by the 1000, ez bloo koted tools uv a abolishn despotism,
I can not smile on you approvinly.

Sum uv you wuz Dimokrats, who, without contemplatin the konsekences
to the party, volunteerd. Faytle errer!—incomprehensible
stoopidity! And I regret 2 lern that, notwithstandin we hev told you
over and over that it is a Abolishn war, you laff at our sollum warnins,
and menny uv you hev turnd Abolishnists yureselves.

We warned uv the evils that wood naterally foller Abolishn victoris.
To show you that we proffeside correctly I call yure attenshun
to the follerin strictly Dimokratic fact:

Since the commensement uv the war the addishn uv niggers to
northern Ohio hez bin ez folloze:

Hankok  28,000 
Wood (in consekens uv bein in gim Ashly's deestrik,)  84,000 
Lorane, (wich is near Oberlin,)  103,000 
[All uv wich is studyin fer the ministry, drawin cavelry captin's
pay and rashens, till they gradoo8, inclooding 2 white servants, each] 
Sineky,  93,000 

And so on ad infinytum. These niggers are workin in sitooashens
yoo wunst okepied. The taler shops, blaksmith shops, shoe shops,
and stores is all filld with these noosencis fresh from Suthrin plantashens.
So yoo see that while they hev seezed upon yure labor, you
air taxt by a nigger-luvin Government to support them in idlenis.
But there is moar fax:


Page 25

Number uv soljers wives who died uv starvashen in Hankok

county, last week,  1,253 

Besides I small wooman they did not count. And all this time,
(my blud biles wen I think uv it,) the entire nigger popelashen is
bein fed on briled sirline stake stufft with oysters. 238 white men
hev marrid black femails, within 2 weeks, also 803 white wimmin to
black men, all in the corporashen uv Wingert's Corner, the Guverment
payin license, preecher's fee, and the bridle outfit, incloodin furnytoor
to start 'em howskeepin.

It is useless to multiply instancis. You are eckspoosin yure lives
and helth, just 2 set free a army uv shiftlis niggers, who wont work,
and who by takin yoor plasis on the farms and in the workshops,
will prevent yoo from ernin a onist livin wen yoo git back.

Soljers, remember these things wen yoo vote this fall. Under Dimokratic
rule, wen the Sowth roold us percisely as they wantid, 2 awl
wuz peese. We kin hev it agin on the saim terms, with perhaps the
payin uv the expensis they have incurred in manetanin uv ther rites,
payin penshuns 2 the widders uv them yu hev wikkidly slane, et

Soljers! you kin emansipate yureselves. Shoot yer offisers, throw
down yure arms, and cum hoam. The old party is in danger, and
without you it'll go to rooin a canterin. Shel any feelin uv pride in
yure country deter you frum comin wen yure party is in peril? I
can not beleeve it.

Petroleum V. Nasby.
Fer hisself and collegues—I uv hoom is in a abolishn basteel, a
studyin “Pulpit Pollytiks,” and the uther a going round missellance
usly a marterin uv hisself.