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I am back in the midst uv my flock. I coodent be a marter. The
Fedral orfisers dismist me with the insultin remark that I wuz 2 smal
pertaters to notis. Hevin time on my hands, and feelin that I'm
livin in vane onless I am doin suthin fer the grate coz, I hev determined
to ishoo a paper, devoted to disseminatin my vews. I ishood
my prospectusses to-day, uv which the follerin is wun:



Orgust 1st, the undersined will ishoo the fust number uv a paper
bearin the above title, devoted to the interists uv the pure Dimocrisy.
To inshoor the fatheful just sech a paper ez they need, the follerin
able writers hev bin ingayjed, regardlis uv expence:

On arbitrary arrests—Petroleum V. Nasby.

On habis corpuss—P. V. Nasby.

On nigger—P. Volcano Nasby.

On vilashens uv Constooshnal rites—Mr. Nasby.

This brilyunt gallacksy uv intelleck, under the edytorel controle
uv Petroleum V. Nasby!”

The “Marter and Tirent Resister,” will support Valandigum, and
while givin the Guverment a harty support in puttin down the rebelyun,
will uv coarse oppose—

Coercin the secedid staits;


Page 30
Invadin the secedid staits;
Raisin armiz by volunteerin;
Raisin armiz by draft er conscripshen;
Raisin meens by tax er tariff;
Arrestin uv men fer sympathisin with the Southern Dimocrisy;
Arrestin uv enybody fer enything;
The usin uv niggers ez soljers;
The usin uv white men ez soljers;
Evrything the Administrashen hez dun, is doin, er may hereafter do.
It will viggerously advokate—
The Constitooshn ez it is;
Vallandigum's doin away uv the Constitooshn;
The Union ez it wuz;
Vallandigum's plan fer dividin the Union in2 4 parts;
The eleckshen uv Vallandigum;
The eleckshen uv troo Dimekrats to good payin offises;
The enforsement uv the laws;
The resistin uv conskripshen and enrolein offisers;
Morality and good order;

The mobbin uv Methodis, Presbyterin, Luthrin, Brethrin and uther
hetrodox churchis.

I appele confidently too the Dimocrisy fer support. The actooal,
ginooine prinsiples uv Dimocrisy need a able defender, and I'm the
identicle individooal. Mi hole sole is in the coz, and I am peecooliarly
fitted by eddicashen and taists fer the posishen.

I bleeve the speckelashen will pay hevy. My church welkomed
me back with a corjality trooly affectin. They held a Festivle on my
return, to wich the Sundy skool skolars wuz present. I unbendid
myself, and kist em onct apeece, takin a nip uv corn essense atween
times, wich wuz nessary. Mistakin a mother fer her infant, the infooriated
husband assaulted me. I wus reskood afore much damij
wuz dun. A speshl church meetin will be held too considder his

Petroleum V. Nasby,
Paster uv sed Church, in charge.