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We hed the glorusist kind uv a seesun yisterdy. The winders wuz
opend and a showr uv pure Dimecratic grace desendid upon us and
we wus blest. Glory! We reseeved into our Zion 18 young men who
reseevd the faith by inheritance, ther fathers hevin alluz voted the
strait ticket. The follerin is the Confeshun uv Faith too wich they

Queshun—Dostest thow bleeve that Canaan wuz doomd to bondig
becoz uv Noer's gittin tite; that Hayger and Onezimus prove the
skriptoorality of the fugytiv slaiv law; that taken ez a hull they
show that the ketchin uv niggers with dorgs is commendible and

Dostest thow bleeve that the present war is unconstooshnel and unholy;
that it wuz brot on by the Abolishnists interferin with staivry;
that the bombardment uv Sumter wuz rite, tho hasty?

Dostest thow bleeve that Linkin is a tyrent and usurper; that he
hed no rite too subjoogait the sowth; that his callin out troops wuz
unconstooshnel; and that everything he hez dun, since the war begun
is likewise unconstooshnel?

Dostest thou bleeve that Vallandigum wuz sent in2 the world to
save the Dimocratic party; that in doin it he wuz arestid at Dayton,
tride afore Ponteus Burnside, and sent sowth; that after 3 months he
riz agen in Canydy, whense he shel cum ez soon ez hese electid, and
Pooh goes after him with 300 thowsan?

Dostest thow take the Crisis?

Dostest thow bleeve that the Sentrel committis is the sole dispenser
uv opinyun, and wiltest thow alluz yawp wen they wink?

Dostest thow bleeve that skratchin a tikkit is the onpardonable sin?

Dostest thow bleeve that this war wuz got up to free niggers, and
that to-day, Linkin hez 75,000 niggers in Ohio, a feedin on fride oysters
and hot punch?

Dostest thow bleeve that Lee is the greatest gineral uv the age,
and that all reports uv Fedral victries is lies?


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Dostest thow bleeve Ben Butler's a beast, and Hamlin a mulatter?

Wiltest thow pledge yurself 2 oncompremisinly oppose yure sisters
marrying niggers, no matter how much they want to?

2 all uv these questuns the candidates anserd, “I dost.” Bro.
Tuttle extendid the rite hand uv fellowship—Bro. Huff sold eech uv
em a copy uv Vallandigum's Record, and after making a X to their
names, wich I hed prevusly ritten in our church book the wuz made
members of my flock.

The coz is prosperin. We commense a series uv revival meetins
next week, and hev made extensiv prepparashens therefor. 10 barls
uv condenst Dimocrisy, 20 barls uv beer, and 300 yards uv bolony
hez bin pervided. Ther will be a outporin.

Petroleum V. Nasby,
Paster uv sed Church, in charge.