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Paul the apossel, on his way frum Geroosalem 2 Damaskus, to persekoot
the Crischens, seed a dazzlin lite wich struck him blind. The
old Dimocrisy on the 13th uv October, on its way to Glory, to persekoot
the nigger, seed a lite wich nocked it crazy. Wen yu've suckd
a orange dry, natrelly yoo fling away the peel, and if the froot provd
sour and bitter instid uv sweet, yoo fling it a good dele further, bein
disgustid. Valandigum's marterdom wuz our orange—we suckt it
wiggerously; but alas! quinine is sweetnis compared to it; to wit: I
fling away the wuthless pele.

Myself and flock is now all war Dimecrats. We hev alluz bin.
We never agreed with the extreemists uv our party, and we remaned
in the organnyzation, only becoz, ez members thereof, we cood restrane
it frum doing mischif. We wer zelus in the support uv Valandigum,
and workt hard to elect him, only that, being his supporters, and
hevin electid him, we cood curb him.

Therefore, all our apparent opposishen to the war, wuz reely its
most effishent support. I hope the peeple will see it.

At a biznis meetin uv our church yisterdy afternoon, the follerin
resolooshen wuz past:

Wareas, Dimocrisy flurishes best wen it is successful; and ware
as, it is a tender flower that don't bare the chillin frosts uv adversity
much; and wareas, the peeple hev shode by the pekoolyer stile uv
ther votin that they don't like Valandigum ner his prinsipples; and
wareas, the peeple is moar use to us than Valandigum, therefore,
be it

Resolvd, That Valandigum never wuz a representativ uv Dimocratic

Resolvd, That we do not endors his vews, or approve his acts, and
nevur did.

Resolvd, That onist old A. Linkin, by arrestin uv him, and thereby


Page 45
forsin uv us into committin polittikle sooiside by nominatin uv
him, wuz gilty uv a heenus sin.

Resolvd, That we aint ez much consernd about our habis corpusses
ez we wuz afore the elecshen.

Resolvd, That the war fer the Union must go on, until its enemis
is subjoogatid, and the banner uv buty and glory waves over every
stait, and the Dimocratic committis uv the varius staits be requestid
to procoor a suffishent number uv banners, and appint sub-committis
to wave em.

Resolvd, That we air in favor uv subjoogashen, emansipashen,
confiscashen, taxashen, conscripshen, exterminashen, nigger enlistments,
and ef ther is anythin else the peeple desire, let em write us
(post pade) and weel pass the nessary resolooshen.

These preamble and resolooshen, (wich, at my requwest, wuz past
unanimusly,) strikes me ez kivering the hull ground.

Waitin and watchin,

Petroleum V. Nasby,
Paster uv sed Church, in charge.