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The sole uv Nasby's foot knoze no rest. Eternal viggilence is the
prise uv libberty, and a old Dimecrat who hez never skratched a tikkit,
and who never spiles his likker by dilooshn, kin work in these


Page 41
perilus times. I am engaged in organizin Sieties on the basis uv the
Union ez it wuz, the Constitooshn ez it is, and the nigger wher he
awt to be. This imployment soots me—the apossel biznis I like.
Brot into continooal contack with the best uv Dimecrats, I hev the
run uv a thowsan jugs—pay regler and libral—fasilitiz fer borrerin
unekalled—I am kontent. I send a few extrax frum my jernal.

Mundy, 2d.—Kum into Whartensberg afoot. Wuz reseeved with
enthooziasm, invited to drink 20 times in ez menny minits, which invitashens
I acceptid, solely fer the good uv the coz. Hevin cast-iron
bowils I survived the trial. I found here a order called the “Limit,”
wich is a good thing. Hed a meetin, and added the oaths to resist
drafts and shelterin deserters, and after exhortin uv them to stand by
Valandigum, borrered thirty dolers and a clene shirt, and departid.
[Poskrip.—The clene shirt I borrered frum a line about 9 P. M.

Toosdy, 3d.—Houktown wuz the next pint. Dimecrisy all rite to
opperate on. Never wuz in a place in wich nigger wuz so hated and
feerd. They hev a holesum prejoodis agin everything black. Wun
old patriark shot all his black sheep, paintid a black hoss red, and
his dawter, a gushin majen uv thirty-too, askt the obgik uv her affeckshins
too dy his raven lox white. A roomer that a Provo Marshel
wuz in the visinity did the job fer him in a single nite. Found
em well organizd. Addrest em at length, showin conclusivly that hed
Linkin resined in faver uv the hi-mindid Davis, we shood never hed
this war. That sech a compermise, and the follerin consessions, wood
hev averted blud-shed, to-wit:

The rite uv suffrage to held only by slave-owners and sech ez they
may designate.

The repele uv awl tariffs ceptin the wun on sugar.

The fillin up uv Boston harber.

The suppreshun uv the Triboon.

The hangin uv Giddins, Waid, Ashly, Sumner and Oin Luvgoy.

I dwelt at length on the horrers uv amalgamaehen, and closed with
an elokent appele to stand by Vanlandigum and pure Dimocrasy.
Borrered three dolers on a prommis to remit, wish I shel do sum time
after next Preidenshel eleckshin. I maid the wictim ezy, by given


Page 42
him my note. Wen men can be made comfortable by simply a note,
I alluz do it, if they furnish paper. Benevolens is a prominent trate
in my karicter.

Wensdy, 4th.—Van Buren wuz my next pint. The Dimocrisy
here hev their lamps trimd and burnin. They indoost more soljers
to desert than any in the county ceptin Amandy and Union. I organised
a branch sosiety to wunst. A blessid feelin pervades here.
They jest more than hate niggers, and morn twenty babies hev bin
named Valandigum within six munths. One enthoosiastic old Butternut
named a femail infant Vallandighamia, and another named his
boy J. N. Valandigum Olds Woods Bright. The boy hez a strong
constooshn and may live. Things is workin in Allen. I borrered
only 8 dollers uv the fatheful, which I shel pay wen 1 uv my rich
uncles pegs out.

I shel percede to Unyum and Orange townships immejitly.

Petroleum V. Nasby,
Paster uv sed Church in charge.