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Now is the winter uv our diskontent, maid gellorious summer. The
clowds that oercast the perlitticle horyzon is broak, and rays frum
the sun uv success hev peerced em, gildin the nosis uv the fatheful
with a rayjence that whisky can not give.

Honey hez cum out uv a karkis—good hez perceeded frum Nazzyreth.
The Raddykels hev nominated Fremont! Halleloogy! They
did it at Cleveland.


Page 63

I never votid fer Fremont. In '56 I did't like—in fact I aboosed
him. I laft at him fer partin his hare in the middle, I accoosed him
uv being a Cathlic, and uv steelin cattle frum the Guverment. Wen
Linkin appinted him General, I aboosed him agin, and more than ever
wen he ishood his Emansipashen Proclimashen.

But now I diskiver that I hev did him a grevous wrong. The most
bekomin way a man kin part his hare is in the middle, the steelin uv
cattle frum Guverment is a act that no man who supported Bookannon
can condem, and his Abolishnism—why hez to be pitied fer

Uv coarse no Dimocrat can vote for him, for ther is a triflin diffrence
in our prinsipples, yet about a haff uv the Abolishn party
ought to do it by all menes. John C. is the man fer them ondoubtedly.

But wether he gits menny votes er few, his bein nominated is salvashen
to us. Every vote he gits, Linkin won't git, and then what—

The bair thot almost overpowers me. We kin elect a Dimocrat!

This movement put a new face upon affairs. We needn't be pertikelerly
anxshus enny moar fer Lee's success—in fact, I bleeve it
wood be better fer us 2 hev Grant whip Lee and taik Richmond.
Fer why? Becoz. Spozn about the time the Confederasy is playd
out we elect a Dimocrat, and spozn that Dimocrat lets up on em, restoars
ther niggers, pardones em, pays ther debts, compensaits them
ez hez sustaned losses in the war, and penshens ther widders, woodent
they let us hev the heft uv the orfisis a while. Uv coarse they

I segest that the Committis who air takin up collecshuns fer Vallandygum,
send the munny forthwith to Fremont's Execootiv Committy.
I shel taik up a collecshun in my congregashen immediately
fer that purpus.


Petroleum V. Nasby.
Paster uv sed Church, in charge.