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Trouble air a cumin upon me thicker and faster. “Men change,
but principples, never,” hez bin a motto uv mine fer yeers, and bleevin
in the grate principple of the strong owning the week, or in uther
words, Slaivry, I shel never ceese my efforts to maik it universal.
Ther bein a onreesonable prejudis in the minds uv the week uv my
congregashen aginst bein the perpetooal servance uv them as nacher
hez maid to rool, I called a special meetin of my flock, to consider
the matter. I interdoost the matter thus:

By Hager I provd that slaivry was scriptooral.

By “cussid be Kanan,” et settry, I shode concloosively that the
nigger wuz the indentikle indivijjle who wuz to be the sed slaiv aforesed.

Then it wuz put to vote and it wuz unanimusly resolvd that Aferken
slaivry be interdoost amongst us. I notist with pleasure that the
poorer the indivijjle, the moar anxshus he seemd to own a nigger.

Opinyuns wer then interchanged. Absolum Kitt, who is a carpenter,
and who never saved a doler, hevin alluz hed a sick wife and a
large family of children, sed he felt that a grate work hed bin dun
that nite. The prowd Anglo-saxun whom nacher intendid to rool,
heb bin that nite elewatid 2 his normel speer. Hentz4th ther wuz no
moar labor fer him. He hed a contrak to bild a howse for brother
Podhammer, and he hed no doubt that the brethrin who wuz bles
with menes wood make up a puss, and enable him 2 buy a nigger carpenter
to do his work.

Brother Podhammer aroz. He, uv coarse, wood be glad to assist
brother Kitt, but dooty 2 his family reqwired a different line uv askshen.
His idee wuz to purchis a nigger carpenter hisself, and

“WHAT!” exclaimed Kitt.

Brother Podhammer resoomd. He intended to buy a nigger carpenter
hisself, and bild his house. The cheef buty uv the grate system,


Page 58
and the wun that maiks it altogether luvly, is that yoo kin BUY
yoor labor.

“But,” sed Kitt, “what kin I do if yoo work nigger carpenters?”

“Trooly,” sez Podhammer, “I kno not. A carpenter kin be purchist
fer $1,000, the interest uv wich is $60, and his keepin say $100
more, per annum. Now ef brother Kitt 'll cum to them wagis, and
be modritly umble, I mite, fer his saik, forego the exquisit pleasure
uv hevin a nigger to flog, and still employ him.”

“But,” sez Kitt, turnin pail, “my family wood starve on them
wagis. Wy, I mite ez well be a nigger myself.”

At this pint I lifted up my voise. I exorted Bro. Kitt to patience.
The grate Dimocratic idee that cappytal shood own labor must be
establisht. It may bare hard upon indivijjles, but wat then? John
Rogers went camly to the stake fer principple. Ef Bro. Kitt doth
not like to accept his normel condishon to-wunst, he kin go to sum
less favored country, wher the grate instooshon is not establisht.

Bro. Podger, a blacksmith, sed he suppozd the rich uns wood buy
a nigger blacksmith, and let him emigrait.

Bro. Snipes, a plastrer, maid a simler obserwashen.

Bro. Punt, a bricklayer, remarkt likewise.

Whereupon, they all, in corus, similerly exclaimed they see us d—d
fust, and then they woodent.

Whereupon they reconsidered the resolushen establishin slaivry.

Kitt and his herritix wuz not at church last Sundy, and the Postmaster
told me that they hed sent orf a club fer the Noo York Triboon.

Trooly, a reformer's Jordon is a hard rode to travel I beleeve.

Petroleum V. Nasby,
Paster uv sed Church, in charge.