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The Discovery of the Little World, with the government thereof. By Iohn Davies
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To the iudicious Reader.

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To the iudicious Reader.

Thou seest this great VVorld (Reader) & perchāce
Thine Eie is cloid with often seeing it;
Then see the Lesse with noe lesse circumstance,
And with VVittes Eie, that Monarchy of VVitte.


The Heav'ns and Earth, do make the greater VVorld;
And Soule and Bodie, make the Lesse (we prove:)
The Heav'ns doe moue the Earth, & they are whirld
By Him, that makes the Soule, the Body moue.

Primus Moto.

Who conquers it (at least) are Monarchs great,
Greater then those that conquered the greater;
For, from their goodnesse Men their greatnes gette,
And they are best, that doe subdue the better:

Prover. 16 32.

The great VVorld's good, but better is the least:

Things living though never so small, are better then liveles things, though never so great.

Then view it, to subdue it, thou wert best.
Iohn Davis.