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The Discovery of the Little World, with the government thereof. By Iohn Davies
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To my beloved Mr. Iohn Davies of the Middle-Temple Councellor at the Law.

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To my beloved Mr. Iohn Davies of the Middle-Temple Councellor at the Law.

Why should it not content me, sith thy praise
Pertaines to me, to whō thy name pertaines;
If thou by Art to heav'n thy fame canst raise?
Al's but Iohn Davies that such glory gaines;
Admit it liues enrol'd in lasting lines
In the Exchequer of the sacred Muse,
Thy name, thy fame vnto my name cōbines
In future times, nor Thou nor I can choose.
For, if Iohn Davies such, such times brought forth,
To wit, these times in vvhich vve both doe liue,
Then must Iohn Davies, share Iohn Davies worth,
For, times to come can no distinction giue.
Then what neede I to beate my tired braines
To make Iohn Davies liue to after Ages,
When thou hast don't by thy praise-worthy paines,
For, were I idle, I haue thy VVorkes wages.

Or, what if like an intellectual Sprite,
I able were Artes Spirits to purifie,
To ravish VVorlds to come with rare delight
They would with my fame thy name glorifie.
Then may I play sith thou dost worke for me;
And sith thy works do so in beauty shine,
What neede I then for

Eccle. 2. 15.

fame thus busie be,

Sith thine is mine, and mine is likewise thine?
It is because my Minde that's aie in motion
Hath to the Muses Measures most devotion.