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The Discovery of the Little World, with the government thereof. By Iohn Davies
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To the Right Honorable, the good Lord of Kinlosse, &c.

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To the Right Honorable, the good Lord of Kinlosse, &c.

Praise that proceedeth from a Poets Pen,
That faines by nature, may want powre perchāce
To adde renowne to the renownes of Men,
Whom goodnesse without glozing doth advance.
If then my Pen (though it too open be
To gloze) disabled be by Envies spight
To register the right that's due to thee,
Yet should it wrong thee to conceale thy right.
Thy VVorld-contēning Thoughts the world do make
(As knowledging the ods twixt good and Ill)
To rev'rence thee for thy rare goodnesse sake,
Which harts with loue, & mouthes with praise doth fill:
They stile that praise but with one only word
Which being, Good, with God doth still accord.
I. D.