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The Discovery of the Little World, with the government thereof. By Iohn Davies
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Blest be that Thought, past time beyond al thought,
That first did moue that wise, as holy

William Wainflet Bishop of Winchester.


To reare this Trophey where his vertues fought
And cōquer'd Rage, with whō those

Hen. 6. Ed. 4.

times took part:

A sacred Trophey left for Vertues vse,
Not onely (as are others) for meere fame;
But as a nere-dri'd Dugge vnto the Muse,
That times, past time, might suck sweets frō the same.
Sing sweetly (blessed Babes, that sucke the Brest
Of this sweete Nectar-dropping Magdalen)
Their praise in holy Hymnes, by whom yee Feast,
The God of Gods, and VVaineflet best of Men:
Sing in an Vnion with the Angels Quires,
Sith Heav'ns, your house cōtenting your desires.
I. D.