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My thanks must go, first of all, to my co-authors who have borne
so patiently my often trivial and pedantic criticisms, my suggestions
for revision, compression, or inclusion of additional references after
a typescript had attained to "final" form. I wish to express my appreciation
to Frank Hibben, J. A. Ford, and William Mulloy, whose excellent
field notes and drawings were indispensable in the preparation of
the report. I am, likewise, grateful to Dr. Donald Brand, head of the
Department of Anthropology, in the University of New Mexico, and
to Mr. Fred Harvey, of the University of New Mexico Press, for longcontinued
generous and most helpful coöperation. To Mr. Donald Scott,
director of the Peabody Museum of Harvard University, I am most
warmly indebted for advice, encouragement, a critical reading of the
manuscript, and for assistance on the part of his staff. My thanks,
as well as those of the authors of the sections in question, are due to
J. O. Brew, H. S. Colton, Emil Haury, Frank Hibben, Dorothea Kelly,
J. Charles Kelley, Frank Setzler, Walter Taylor, Gene Weltfish, for
reading portions of the manuscript and making suggestions. My research
assistants, Katherine Spencer and Robert Wood, scrupulously
performed many tasks of tabulation and cross-checking, and my friend,
David Winser, sacrificed a portion of his holiday on the altar of
Table 2. To F. P. Orchard and Elmer Rising, of the Peabody
Museum, I wish to express my appreciation for the care with which
they photographed the distributional maps and prepared the drawings
of Figs. 1, 3, 5, and 6, respectively. I thank A. H. Gayton most heartily
for her drawings of potsherds, and I am deeply indebted to Frank H.
H. Roberts, Jr., for his courtesy in reading Part IV and giving me his
reactions in some detail.

My greatest debt is, undoubtedly, to my co-editor. Even before I
pressed him into service as co-editor, he had assumed more than his
fair share of the more thankless editorial tasks. If inaccuracies and
obscurities have been removed from the text it is in large measure
owing to Mr. Reiter's painstaking checking. On the other hand, he
must not be held responsible for errors or for misguided interpretations
for, on occasion, my collaborators and I were bold enough to disregard
his advice.

Clyde Kluckhohn

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