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La Plata Black on White
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La Plata Black on White[11]

Area: Chaco, Red Mesa, Zuñi, north into the Four Corners.

Derivation: Lino Gray.

Walls: c. 4 mm.

Hardness: 4.5.

Finish: Surface unevenly smoothed, probably by scraping, temper protruding
through float; no slip; designs painted in black iron paint
on interiors of bowls, exteriors of small-mouthed vessels.


Page 52]

Designs: Drawn in lines about [fraction 1 by 16]″ wide; occasionally life forms crudely

Forms: Bowls, jars, pitchers, dippers.

Comparison: La Plata Black on White differs from Lino Black on Gray
primarily in the use of iron paint rather than of carbon paint for
decoration. This difference is consistent and easily detected
because most of the La Plata sherds show a tendency toward overfiring
in some part of the vessel.


Cf. Hawley, 1936, p. 23.