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Exuberant Corrugated (See Plate 8)
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Exuberant Corrugated[9] (See Plate 8)

Area: Chaco, Gallup, Red Mesa, and vicinity.

Derivation: Kana-a Gray.

Paste: Gray, hard.

Temper: Sand, potsherds, and black volcanic material in varying proportions.

Construction: Coiled.

Wall: c. 6 mm.

Hardness: 3.5 to 4.5; preponderance around 4.5.

Finish: Spiral coil averaging about ¼″ wide, indentations wide and
usually deep, sometimes decorated with alternation of indentations
and plain coil in geometric designs, sometimes alternating bands
of indentations and of plain coiling; occasional use of crudely
incised designs cutting across coils.

Forms: Jars preponderant; bowls, pitchers.

Comparison: Similar to Pueblo II corrugated from other areas of
northern Arizona and New Mexico, although it may later be found
that the common use of some volcanic temper might be regionally
distinctive. Distinguished from Chaco Corrugated by wideness
of coils and greater width and depth of indentations.


See Roberts, 1935, p. 13; Hawley, 1936, p. 33.