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Map 1—Plot of Excavations Bc 50-51, and Profiles  Insert facing page 30 
Map 2—Distribution of Metates in the Southwest  64 
Map 3—Distribution of Axes in the Southwest  69 
Map 4—Distribution of Mauls and Hammers in the Southwest  72 
Map 5—Distribution of Mortars and Pestles in the Southwest  75 
Map 6—Distribution of Arrow-Shaft Tools  82 
Map 7—Coiled Basketry in the Southwest: Present Distribution  112 
Map 8—Coiled Basketry: Distribution During Pueblo III-IV  117 
Map 9—Coiled Basketry: Distribution During Basket Maker II-Pueblo

Figures in Text

Fig. 1—Grid of Refuse Mound  10 
Fig. 2—Sectional Profiles of Refuse Mound  11 
Fig. 3—Profile of Section 6, Refuse Mound  12 
Fig. 4—Pithouse and Slab-Lined Cists in Sections 1, 2, and 3,
Refuse Mound 
Fig. 5—Ground Plans of Kivas  35 
Fig. 6—Murals in Kiva 6  39 
Fig. 7—Scattered Human Bones in Room 5  45 
Fig. 8—Arrow-Shaft Tool Types  80 
Fig. 9—Possible Interrelationships of Arrowshaft Tool Types  88 
Fig. 10—Basket Maker Knife  90 
Fig. 11—Pueblo Type Projectile Point  91 
Fig. 12—Basket Maker Projectile Point  92 
Fig. 13—Drill  92 
Fig. 14—Ground Plan of Bc 50 Substructure Excavations  166 
Fig. 15A—Architectural Details of Substructure 5, Bc 50  169 
Fig. 15B—Architectural Details of Substructure 6  169 


Table 1—Sherd Percentages of the Refuse Mound by Strata  21 
Table 2—Room and Kiva Sherd Percentages  Insert facing 41 
Table 3—Cultural Associations of Burials  47-48 
Table 4—Hardness Tests of Sherds  53 
Table 5—Distribution of Materials of Arrow-Shaft Straighteners  87 
Table 6—Key to Map 7  113 
Table 7—Key to Map 8  119 
Table 8—Key to Map 9  122 
Table 9—Some Means and Ranges for Adult Male Crania


Plate 1—General View of Bc 50-51 
Plate 2—Bc 51 Masonry 
Plate 3—Kivas 1, 3, and 4 
Plate 4—Cist Burial, Trenches 26, 27, and 28, Section 7 
Plate 5A—Pit, Trenches 2 and 3, Sections 4, 5, and 6 
Plate 5B—Chaco Black on White Effigy Jar 
Plate 6—Gallup and McElmo Black on White Pottery 
Plate 7—Red Mesa Black on White Pottery 
Plate 8—Other Pottery Types Found at Bc 51 
Plate 9—Drawings of McElmo Black on White Designs, by A. H.
Plate 10—Drawings of McElmo and Mesa Verde Black on White
Designs, by A. H. Gayton 
Plate 11—Drawings of Escavada, Red Mesa, Chaco, and Gallup Black
on White Designs, by A. H. Gayton 
Plate 12—Bone Objects from Bc 51 
Plate 13—Bone Objects from Bc 51 
Plate 14—Bc 50 Substructures