University of Virginia Library

For Graduates.

Analytical Chemistry D1: Analytical Chemistry C1, Industrial Chemistry
C1, and Chemistry B1, B2, and C1 prerequisite.
—The work is adapted to the
special aims or tastes of each student, but will, in all cases, comprise some
practice in the more elaborate processes of analysis, ultimate and proximate
organic analysis, some study in analytical methods, and some original problems;
also the reading and the summarizing of extracts from current journals.
Laboratory work will be conducted daily, and suggestions and due
assistance given.—Hours by appointment. Professor Dunnington.

The Chemical Building now under erection will be ready for occupancy
in the session of 1917-1918. It is of brick, fire-proof construction, and the
three floors afford 30,000 square feet of space. The five larger laboratories
will accommodate, at one time, 250 students, and, in addition to these, there are
also smaller laboratories for the use of instructors and advanced students.
The larger lecture room will seat 200. There are also rooms for assay furnaces,
balances, gas and water analysis, and photography, and large stock rooms for
chemicals and apparatus. The building is supplied throughout with water, gas
and electricity. An extensive collection of chemicals, ores and manufactured
products compose a chemical museum of peculiar value and interest. A commodious
working library will be available for the students, containing about
5,000 books directly related to chemistry.