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Grade.—The grade of a student in any course, either for a term or for
the session, is determined by his class standing and his examination grade,
combined in such proportion as the professor in charge of the course in
question may decide.

Grade Required for Passing.—For passing in any course a grade of
seventy-five per cent is required.

Absence from Examination will not be excused except for sickness on
the day of examination, attested by a physician's certificate, or for other
cause which the Faculty by special order may approve. An unexcused
absence is counted as a total failure.

Special Examinations.—A student whose absence from an examination


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is excused, is entitled to a special examination on a date to be arranged
between himself and the professor in charge.

Change of Subjects of Study after registration can be made only with
the consent of the Dean and of the professors concerned.