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Professor Lewis.

Associate Professor Kepner.

Mr. Batterham.

Mr. Edwards.

Mr. Page.

Mr. Reynolds.

Mr. Scott.

Mr. Zirkle.

The work of the School is planned to illustrate the fundamental laws
underlying the phenomena of life. The undergraduate work is designed to
meet the needs of three classes of students: first, of those who desire a
knowledge of biological phenomena and principles as a proper part of a
liberal education; second, of those who are looking forward to positions as
teachers; and third, of those seeking a broad foundation for subsequent
work in agriculture or in medicine.

A laboratory fee of $5 is charged for each course.

Any course may be withdrawn unless elected by at least four students.

For Undergraduates and Graduates.

Botany C1: Biology B1 prerequisite.—The evolution of plants based on
a morphological study of a series of types, which will represent the more


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important families of algae, fungi, liverworts, mosses, ferns and seed-plants.
The principles of classification are considered and illustrated.—Tuesday,
Thursday, Saturday, 11-12. Laboratory: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 9-11.
Cabell Hall. Professor Lewis.

For Graduates.

Botany D1.—Opportunity is offered for advanced work along some of
the lines indicated above. The work will be varied to suit the needs of the
students applying for the course.—Hours by appointment. Cabell Hall.
Professor Lewis.

For Undergraduates and Graduates.

Zoölogy C1: Biology B1 prerequisite.—Experimental zoölogy. A comparative
study of the morphology and behavior of typical invertebrates.—
Two lectures and two three-hour laboratory periods weekly. Hours by appointment.
Cabell Hall. Associate Professor Kepner.

For Graduates.

Zoölogy D-.—Principles of animal histology. Protoplasm, cell organization,
and tissue formation. The student is required to become familiar
with the principles of histological technique and to make his own preparations.—Two
lectures and two three-hour laboratory periods a week. Also
a weekly meeting of one hour for a discussion with the instructor of current
literature and of the problems arising out of the students' work. Hours
by appointment. Cabell Hall. Associate Professor Kepner.

Further advanced work may be arranged to meet the needs of students.