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Professor Thomas Walker Page.

Adjunct Professor Bardin.

Adjunct Professor Rogers.

Mr. Hyde.

Mr. Graves.

Mr. Dingledine.

Students are advised not to take Economics or Commercial Geography
before their second session in the College.


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For Undergradates and Graduates.

Economics C1: The Growth of American Industry and Commerce:
Economics B1 and any other B course in Group IV, prerequisite.—Economic
principles as illustrated by American experience, with a study of the influence
of economic conditions upon American social and political development. The
work is mainly topical and the topics receiving chief emphasis vary from
year to year.—Professor Page. Offered in alternate years with Economics
C1. Omitted in 1917-1918.

Economics C2: Public Finance, Economics B1 and one other B course
in Group IV, prerequisite.
—First and second terms: The general principles of
public finance, with a detailed investigation of state and local taxation. Third
term: The financial institutions and methods of the federal government.—Monday,
Wednesday, Friday, 11-12. Cabell Hall. Professor Page.

Government C1: International Law and Diplomacy: Government B1, and
one B course in economics, commercial law, or commercial geography, prerequisite.
nature, sources, development, and rules of international law
(with a consideration of the problems of the European War); the causes
of war, peace projects of the past, arbitral machinery, problems of the
future, and the foreign policy of the United States.—Adjunct Professor
Rogers and Mr. Dingledine. Omitted in 1917-1918.

Government C2: State and Municipal Government: Government B1, and
one B course in economics, commercial law, or commercial geography, prerequisite.
problems of reconstructing state government, the trend of constitutional
development, and the political theories involved; the causes and
characteristics of urban growth and a description of municipal government
in the United States and Europe.—Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, 12-1.
Cabell Hall. Adjunct Professor Rogers and Mr. Dingledine.

For Graduates.

Government D1: Politics and Jurisprudence.—Various concepts of the
state, of sovereignty, and of political obligation; American political theories;
the nature, sources, and forms of law, and its philosophical and sociological
aspect.—Hours by appointment. Adjunct Professor Rogers. Omitted in

Government D2: Constitutional Aspects of Social and Economic Problems.—The
constitutional limitations on governmental action with respect
to property and industry; labor problems, the regulation of corporations,
interstate commerce, social legislation, the extension of federal authority,
etc.—Hours by appointment. Adjunct Professor Rogers.

The following are courses of research. Competent students are guided
in the intensive and methodical investigation of selected topics, and the
results are presented for discussion. The members of the teaching staff of
the School will combine to give guidance and instruction. Hours by appointment.

Economics D1. Professor Page.

Government D3. Adjunct Professor Rogers.

Commercial Geography D1. Adjunct Professor Bardin.