University of Virginia Library


Professor Webb.

[2] Dr. McLemore.

Mr. Barton.

For Undergraduates and Graduates.

Greek C1: Greek B2 prerequisite.—Thucydides, Book II; Aristophanes,
Acharnians and Frogs; Euripides, Bacchae; Sophocles, Agamemnon; Aeschylus,
Prometheus; Theocritus, selections.—Hours by appointment. Cabell Hall.
Professor Webb.

For Graduates.

Only one of the following courses will be offered in any one session. Greek
C1 prerequisite.
Hours by appointment. Cabell Hall. Professor Webb.

Greek D1.—Sophocles.

Greek D2.—Aristophanes.

Greek D3.—Greek epigraphy, palaeography, and text-criticism.


Absent on leave, 1916-1917.