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There are three classes in this school.

The Junior Class studies Rhetoric, Belles-Lettres, and Philosophical

Text-Books.—Blair's Lectures, Campbell's Philosophy of
Rhetoric, (Alison on Taste), (Montgomery's Lectures), and
Kames' Elements of Criticism.

The Intermediate Class studies Political Economy, Statistics,
and the Philosophy of Social Relations, or "Ethics of Society."

Text-Books—on Political Economy, (A. Smith), Say, (McCulloch),
Tucker and (Carey); on the progress of Society, (Ferguson),
Guizot, (Taylor), and (McKinnon.)

The Senior Class studies Mental Philosophy, Logic, (inductive
and deductive), together with Theoretical and Practical Ethics.

Text-books—on Mental Philosophy, Brown's Lectures, Cousin's
Psychology, in connection with Locke's Essay. On Logic, (Mill),
and Whately. On Ethics, (Butler), Stewart, (Whewell), and

The lectures will be carried on concurrently during the session,
two a week, to each class.

The examinations will be on the Professor's Lectures and the
text-books, that is, those books enumerated above, the names of
which are not included in parentheses. Those so included are
to be consulted, but are not required to be studied as text-books.