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The expenses for the session of nine months, (commencing the
1st of October, and ending the 29th June following), are as

Board, including diet, bedding and other room furniture, and
Fuel and candles, to be furnished by the Proctor at cost,
and 5 per cent. commission, estimated, if only one
student in the dormitory, at $30, if two students in the
dormitory, at 
Rent of an entire dormitory $16; for half, if occupied by
two students 
Matriculation fee and public rooms,  15 
Fees—if one Professor be attended, $50; if two, each $30;
if more than two, each $25—say, 
Total, exclusive of books and stationary, clothing and
pocket money, 

When the student attends only the class of Geology and Mineralogy,
in the School of Natural Philosophy; of Physiology, in
the School of Anatomy; of Medical Jurisprudence, in the School
of Medicine; or of National Law, Government, and Constitutional
Law, in the School of Law, the fee is fifteen dollars each.

Ministers of the gospel, and young men preparing for the ministry,
may attend any of the schools of the University, without
payment of fees to the Professors.

The expenses of the students resident in the University, are
limited as follows:

1. For board, the use of the dormitory and public rooms, and
tuition fees, the sums before stated.

2. For clothing during the session, an amount not exceeding
one hundred dollars.

3. For pocket money during the session, a sum not exceeding
forty-five dollars.

4. For books and stationary, whatever the parent or guardian
may think fit to allow.

5. For medicine and medical attendance, whatever may be


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These are in no case to be exceeded, unless under special circumstances
the Faculty shall allow it.