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To render education at the University available to meritorious
young men of limited means, the Visiters have provided that one
student from each senatorial district of the Commonwealth, shall
be admitted without payment of Professor's fee, or University
charges, fines and penalties excepted.

The advantage is meant to be restricted to those who are not
themselves, and whose parents are not in a situation to incur the
expenses of education, otherwise.

Their connection with the University is to continue two years,
but for extraordinary proficiency the Board may prolong the term.
They stand, in all respects, except expense, on the same footing


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as other students, enjoying the same privileges, and subject to the
same laws.

By way of remuneration to the State for the assistance thus
afforded, they are expected to teach in some public or private
school within the limits of Virginia, for two years after leaving the

With a view further to reduce the expenses of such students,
provision has been made at the expense of the University, that the
sum paid by them for board, shall not exceed sixty dollars for the
session of nine months.

The whole expense, independently of clothes and pocket-money,
is estimated at 100 dollars.

The cost of text-books in the Academic Schools (included in
the $100) is about $25 each, in the Medical Department it is about
$35, and in the Law-school, about $55.

Text-books in any of the schools may be procured on reasonable
terms, at a book-store near the University.

The selection of students, on this foundation, is made by the
Faculty on the first day of July, annually. Applications for vacancies,
accompanied by proper testimonials, should reach the
University by the 25th of June.

☞ Persons interested will be pleased to observe the following

1. The applicant is requested to state his age, which must be
over sixteen years, and to designate the several schools of the
University, he may wish to enter, observing that the enactments
require him, if under the age of twenty-one years, to attend at
least three, unless, for good cause, the Faculty permit him to
attend a less number.

2. In order to be admitted, the applicant must exhibit satisfactory
testimonials; 1st. Of irreproachable moral character; 2nd.
Of capacity, as well by partial cultivation, as original vigor of
mind, to profit by the instruction given at the University; 3rd. If
he desires to enter the schools of Mathematics, or of Natural
Philosophy, that he possesses a familiar acquaintance with all the
branches of numerical Arithmetic, or if he desires to enter the
School of Ancient Languages, that he is qualified to commence
the study of the higher Latin or Greek authors; and 4th. That
neither he, nor his parents are in a situation to incur the expense
of his education without aid.

☞ Appointments for the following districts are to be made on
the first of July, 184

  • District I.—Brooke, Ohio, &c.

  • District III.—Harrison, Lewis, &c.

  • District IV.—Kanawha, Mason, &c.

  • District V.—Greenbrier, Monroe, &c.

  • District VI.—Tazewell, Wythe, &c.

  • District VII.—Washington, Russell, &c.

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  • District IX.—Frederick, Jefferson, &c.

  • District X.—Shenandoah, Hardy, &c.

  • District XI.—Rockingham and Pendleton.

  • District XIII.—Alleghaney, Bath, &c.

  • District XIV.—Loudoun, Fairfax, &c.

  • District XV.—Fauquier and Prince William.

  • District XVI.—Stafford, King George, &c.

  • District XVII.—Culpeper, Madison, &c.

  • District XVIII.—Albemarle, Nelson, &c.

  • District XIX.—Fluvanna, Goochland, &c.

  • District XX.—Spottsylvania, Caroline, &c.

  • District XXI.—King & Queen, King William, &c.

  • District XXII.—Accomac, Northampton, &c.

  • District XXIII.—Charles City, James City, &c.

  • District XXIV.—Bedford and Franklin.

  • District XXVI.—Patrick, Henry, &c.

  • District XXVII.—Halifax and Mecklenburg.

  • District XXVIII.—Charlotte, Lunenburg, &c.

  • District XXIX.—Amelia, Powhatan, &c.

  • District XXX.—Brunswick, Dinwiddie, &c.

  • District XXXI.—Isle of Wight, Prince George, &c.

  • District XXXII.—Norfolk, Nansemond, &c.