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At the end of every month, a circular letter is addressed by the
chairman of the Faculty to the parent or guardian of each student,
in which are stated his absences from lecture and examination,
and any other irregularities of which he may have been guilty;
together with such further information as to the student's progress
and conduct, as it may be deemed proper to communicate.

The object of such report being on the one hand to incite the
student to steady diligence by eliciting the commendation and
encouragement of his friends, and on the other to restrain him
from idleness and disorder, or to urge him to amendment by their
admonition and advice, the usefulness of these circulars greatly
depends upon the prompt and judicious attention they receive
from those to whom they are addressed. Parents and guardians
therefore cannot be too earnest in communicating such advice or
encouragement as the monthly reports may suggest.