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God of the harvest! unto Thee
With grateful sense we bend the knee,
While to thy throne our thanks arise,
The full heart's earnest sacrifice.
God of the Seasons! God our trust!
Thy loving kindness from the dust
Has quickened with a living birth
The flower and fruitage of the earth.
Thy care has sent the sun and rain
To ope the bud and swell the grain;
Thy lavish hand has filled our store,
Till with thy gifts it runneth o'er.
O, may our hearts, dear Father, be
A field devoted more to thee,
Wherein may never dare intrude
That poisonous weed — ingratitude!
The seasons, as they come and go,
Thy constant love and goodness show!
O, may they, like the sun and showers,
Call forth our souls' divinest powers!