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Did you see the statue?” we asked of Mrs. Partington,
the next day after the inaugurative procession.
An expression of disappointment passed over her
features, as she answered, “No, I did n't; it must have
gone by when I went down stairs to get some water for
the children. A three-cornered gentleman, with a
cocked hat, on a cart, I took to be it; but I found out
that it was one of Franklin's contemptuaries, an old
printer. But the occasion was very obtrusive,” continued
she, brightening up like a jolly old warming-pan,
“and if I did n't see the statue, somebody else did; so
it 's just as well.” She smiled again, and subsided into
a calm, while Ike, with three chairs, and Lion harnessed
to a table, filled with a clothes-basket, four chairs, and a
water-bucket, was “making believe” a car in a procession
on his own account. Lion did n't seem to enjoy it.