University of Virginia Library

    Persons Represented.

  • Cleomenes, King of Sparta. Mr. Betterton .
  • Cleonidas, his Son by his first Wife, Mr. Lee .
  • Ptolomy King of Egypt. Mr. Alexander .
  • Sosybius, his Minister of State. Mr. Sandford .
  • Cleanthes, Son to Sosybius, Friend to Cleomenes, Captain of Ptolomy's Guard. Mr. Mountford .
  • Pantheus, a Noble Spartan, the Favourite of Cleomenes. Mr. Kynaston .
  • Cœnus, a Messenian Lord. Mr. Hudson .
  • Cratisiclæa, Mother to Cleomenes. Mrs. Betterton .
  • Cleora, Cleomenes's Second Wife. Mrs. Bracegirdle .
  • Cassandra, Mistress to Ptolomy. Mrs. Barry .
  • Priests of Apis. A Mariner. Egyptians. Guards.