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A Collection of Emblemes

Ancient and Moderne: Quickened VVith Metricall Illvstrations, both Morall and Divine: And disposed into Lotteries, That Instruction, and Good Counsell, may bee furthered by an Honest and Pleasant Recreation. By George Wither

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Illvstr. L.


Illvstr. L.

[An Arme is with a Garland here extended]

The Garland, He alone shall weare,
Who, to the Goale, doth persevere.

An Arme is with a Garland here extended;
And, as the Motto saith, it is intended,
To all that persevere. This being so;
Let none be faint in heart, though they be slow:
For, he that creepes, untill his Race be done,
Shall gaine a Wreath, aswell as they that runne.
This being so; let no man walke in doubt,
As if Gods Arme of Grace were stretched out
To some small number: For, whoe're begins
And perseueres, the profer'd Garland winns:
And, God respects no persons; neither layes
A stumbling blocke in any of our Waies.
This being so, let no man think't enough
To set his hand, a little, to the Plough,
And, then desist; but, let him still pursue,
To doe that Worke, to which that Wreath is due:
For, nor on Good beginners, nor on those
That, walke halfe-way, (much lesse on him, that goes
No stepp at all) will God this gift conferre;
But, onely, unto those that persevere.
Lord, by thy Grace, an entrance I have made
In honest Pathes; and, thy assistance had,
To make in them, some slow proceedings too.
Oh grant me, full abilitie, to doe
Thy sacred Will; and, to beginn, and end
Such Workes, as to thy glory, still, may tend.
That (Walking, and continuing in the Path,
Which evermore, thine approbation hath)
I may that Garland, by thy grace, obtaine,
Which, by mine owne desert, I cannot gaine.