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A Collection of Emblemes

Ancient and Moderne: Quickened VVith Metricall Illvstrations, both Morall and Divine: And disposed into Lotteries, That Instruction, and Good Counsell, may bee furthered by an Honest and Pleasant Recreation. By George Wither

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Illvstr. XX


Illvstr. XX

[This Cube, which is an equall-sided-square]

On whether side soe're I am,
I, still, appeare to bee the same.

This Cube, which is an equall-sided-square,
Doth very well, in Emblem-wise, declare
The temper of that vertuous minded man,
Whose resolutions nothing alter can.
For, as the Cube, which way soever plac't,
Stands ever in one posture, firmely fast,
And, still appeares the same in forme and size,
Vpon what side or part soe're it lyes:
So, men well formed by the Word divine,
And, truly squar'd by vertuous Discipline,
Will keepe (though changes them shall turne & wind)
The forme and firmnesse of an honest-minde.
If, digging deepe, his Fortunes lay him, there,
Where he his owne, and others weights must beare,
(There, many yeares compelling him to lie,
Opprest with dis-respect or povertie)
Hee keepes the place to which hee stands enjoyn'd,
And brooks his chances with a constant mind.
If shee remoove him thence, and set him up
On emporall Prosperities high top,
The Squarenesse of Plaine dealing hee retaines,
And, in the same integritie remaines:
Nor coveting vaine Wealth, or false esteemes;
Nor, being any other than he seemes.
Although by Nature, wee are wondrous hard,
Lord, let us into such like Stonesbe squar'd:
Then, place us in thy spirituall Temple, so,
That, into one firme Structure, we may grow;
And, when we, by thy Grace, are fitted thus,
Dwell Thou thy selfe, for evermore, in us.