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A Collection of Emblemes

Ancient and Moderne: Quickened VVith Metricall Illvstrations, both Morall and Divine: And disposed into Lotteries, That Instruction, and Good Counsell, may bee furthered by an Honest and Pleasant Recreation. By George Wither

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Illvstr. XXXVI.


Illvstr. XXXVI.

[A fixed Palme, (whose Fingers doe appeare]

God, ever will bee present, there,
Where, of one Faith, and Mind they are.

A fixed Palme, (whose Fingers doe appeare,
As if displayed, and advanc'd they were)
Intended by our Author, here, wee see,
To shaddow out agreeing-Minds, that bee
Establish'd in one Trust. And, well it may,
That Vertue, of the holy Church display.
For, as our hands, the better meanes can make,
To gaine, as well as to retaine, or take,
The benefits we seeke; when wee intend,
Our differing Fingers, all, to worke one end:
So, when the Church of Christ (wherein wee finde
A diffrence of Degrees) shall with one minde,
Persue a faithfull hope; they'l soone obtaine,
That wished benefit, they seeke to gaine:
For, when but two or three shall in Gods name,
Request a blessing, he will grant the same.
Let all thy sev'rall Churches, Lord (that stand
Like many Fingers, members of one Hand)
Thy Will Essentiall with joynt love obay,
Though circumstantially, they differ may.
Some have the larger Circuit, some are stronger,
Some are of short continuance, some of longer;
But, though their Guifts may differ, yet provide,
That, still, on one Foundation, they may bide;
And, that, all those, who in one Faith agree,
May, in one Band of Love, united bee:
Till our consined Wisdome comes to know,
That, many things, for which wee wrangle so,
Would further that, whose hindrance wee doe feare,
If more our Faith, and losse our Discord were.