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C. P. Groves, The Planting of Christianity in Africa (1954) II, passim, presents one view of the work of the missions. J. F. A. Ayayi, Christian Missions in Nigeria, 1841-1891, (1965) presents another.


The standard account is that by Donald MacFarlan, Calabar: and the Church of Scotland Mission, 1846-1946 (1946). The printing activities of the mission are only fleetingly glanced at. J. McKerrow, Missions of the Secession and United Presbyterian Church (1867) pp. 368-430, gives additional information.


H. M. Waddell's unpublished and incomplete journal is in the MS collections of the National Library of Scotland, MS 7741. Mission correspondence for the period is to be found at the Church of Scotland offices, George Street, Edinburgh. The printed records of the U. P. Mission Board are to be found in the Mission Record of the United Presbyterian Church, 1847-68. I am grateful to the National Library, the Church of Scotland, and New College Library for their help.


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The fullest account of the significance of the 'Egbo' society amongst the Efik people is to be found in Forde, Efik Traders of Old Calabar (1956) pp. 27-65.


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Mary Edgerley was later (1857) a teacher at the Creek Town station of the Mission. Oliver and Boyd's New Edinburgh Almanack (1857), p. 567.


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Glair: a technical term for a preparation made from the whites of eggs, used in bookbinding.


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This short biographical note has been constructed from the references to Samuel Edgerley, Jnr. in the Mission Correspondence. MS vols. 7638-40. Church of Scotland.