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In College Book No. I, p. 34, a manuscript which is kept at the Houghton Library of Harvard University. Printed in Publications of the Colonial Society of Massachusetts, XV (Collections—1925), 20-21.


In Colledge Booke No. 3, p. 5, also in the Houghton Library. Printed in the Colonial Society's Collections, XV, 174-75.


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Major Thomas Clark was an Overseer of Harvard College in 1674-75, when he is listed as being present at meetings. He is listed once by his correct military title and once as 'Thos. Clarke Esqr.' Harvard Colledge Booke No 3, p. 67; printed in the Colonial Society's Collections, XV, 231-32. Clark bequeathed an annuity to Harvard which amounted to £4. This is noted in Colledg Book No. 4, pp. 47-48; printed in the Colonial Society's Collections, XVI, 410-13.


James Oliver had given £10 'toward the repair of the Colledge' about 1654. His gift is noted in Colledge Booke No. 3, pp. 16, 47. He died in 1682. Printed in the Colonial Society's Collections, XV, 185, 213.


Solomon Stoddard was appointed Librarian of Harvard College on 27 March 1667. He had been a fellow in the College the previous year. Beginning in 1667, he was also an Overseer of Harvard. Colledge Booke No. 3, pp. 43, 52; printed in the Colonial Society's Collections, XV, 210, 218. Stoddard was a member of the Harvard class of 1662.


A Captain John Allen who died in 1673 is mentioned in Massachusetts records. See the Colonial Society's Collections, XVI, 874.


Although Mr. Freake cannot be identified with any certainty, on p. 31 of Colledge Booke No. 3 it is recorded that a 'Mr Ralfe ffreck' gave some books to the library and that 'Mr John ffrecks' gave books to the value of £10. Samuel E. Morison in his Harvard College in the Seventeenth Century (1936), I, 285-86, mentions gifts of both of these brothers to the Harvard Library. Ralph gave the College, Bryan Walton's Polyglot in nine languages (6 vols., London, 1655-57) which was one of the proudest possessions of the early Harvard Library. In 1667 the College sent him in return a copy of the first edition of Eliot's Indian Bible, which was inscribed in part to him as 'a Noble benefator [sic] to the abouesayd Colledge.' Ralph Freck passed the copy on to the Bodleian (both Frecks were Oxford graduates) where it is still preserved.